EMERAUDE bi-energy deck ovens

The Emeraude is the ultimate versatile oven. Thanks to the combination of three annular tube decks and one electric deck, it offers an easy and adjusted baking under any circumstances. The Emeraude will satisfy you for your important batches as well as your baking during the day


A flexible and efficient baking :
Declined from the JADE and OPALE Style ovens, the Emeraude offers an operating flexibility with bi-temperatures.
Thanks to a reinforced insulation between the electric and annular tube decks, the simultaneous baking of breads needing different temperatures becomes child’s play.
The electric deck’s quick rise to the setpoint temperature enables the replenishment during the day in order to meet the demand and satisfy the clientele, and this, without needing the use of the other three annular tube decks.

Energy savings :
The independence of the electric deck, as well as the flexibility of each area, ensures a control of the energy consumption.
Thermal insulation is ensured by rockwool panels from 100 to 140mm of width according to the walls, for an improved security and an optimal energetic productivity..
Each part of the oven is also equiped with a programmable postponed start-up. homogeneous result at each batch.

Special features

Ergonomics and user-friendliness
• Ergonomic handles with hub cap
• Magnet integrated on each side for blades of scarification
• Steam recall button on each side

New timers
4 seperate timers for each level to ensure a better visibility of the baking

The “Style” design
In line with the rest of the range, the hood retains the “Style” red and white design; without folds to avoid the accumulation of dust.

Quality finishing
• Robust and careful finishing
• Brushed stainless steel facade
• No recesses difficult to clean
• Smooth surfaces with few asperities


Independent regulation of the bottom and the top
Latest-generation steam generator with independent operation and important steam production
Extraction engine located on the back of the oven, safe from shovel or broom kicks
Hood’s grids easily dismantled, without tools, for cleaning
Optimised distribution of the heat
Very good insulation of the oven, outside as well as between the decks for limited heat losses and energy savings.
Front entirely made of brushed stainless steel
Glazed door seals protected on every deck
Control panel and glass handling on the right or on the left
Hood extractor quieter and more efficient


Slot-in on 3 sides if necessary (the maintenance is usually done by the front side)
Every fuel, declined with every brand of burners, can be chosen when ordering