Cater-Bake divides dough time

Cater-Bake divides dough time

Catering equipment supplier Cater-Bake has added the Pastaline dough divider and rounder to its portfolio.

Available as a combined system or as two separate units, the P40 dividing machine is designed to accurately portion dough mixes into pieces, with the Kali rounder machine then rolling them into tight balls.

The P40 produces between 250 and 280 pieces of divided dough per hour, with the Kali rolling 2,400 dough balls every 60 minutes.

Once the dough has been portioned, it is rolled up through the spiral rounding system and is then put out onto a platform in a rolled ball ready to be placed into dough trays for storage, using 0.55kW and 0.37kW respectively.

The portion size produced by the dough divider is regulated either by a timer or by a feeler pin for what is said to be added accuracy, and also comes with an interchangeable extrusion cone.

The units are also designed with quick disassembly in mind to ensure easy cleaning.

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