OPALE Touch range

Opale Touch Oven is ideal for a traditional baking on a deck, thanks to a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the heat in each baking room and to the separated setting of the bottom and the top. Versatile, it will be the ally of your products, even the most refined.


Energy savings: A programmable automaton manages the energy savings by optimizing the heating period of each deck and of the steam generator. This regulation system allows the optimization of the total power of the oven, while still maintaining an excellent reactivity at each level. The thermal insulation in ensured by 100 to 140mm thick rockwool panels depending on the walls, for an improved security and an optimal energetic productivity.
Steam production: The steam generator, placed in the lower part of the oven, is heated by 3 reinforced and airtight stainless steel resistors that guarantee an important and sufficient overproduction of steam in order to follow the most intensive paces. Depending on your needs, you can also choose the steam generator Turbo Steam : with an independent module dedicated to each deck, Turbo Steam ensures an optimal productivity even in the event of an extreme situation, and allows you to acheive up to 23% of Energy savings. Thanks to its fast rising temperatures, the steam is immediately available for an homogeneous and regular injection. batch.

Ergonomics and design

Ergonomics and userfriendliness:

Column with the indicators of baking inclined towards the user to facilitate the reading.
On the column the commands are protected by a bar in stainless steel.
Ergonomic handles with hub cap.
Magnet integrated for blade of scarification.

Easy Touch control panel:

Recipe book (50 programs)
Eco Mode
Touch Express +1 minute
Expert Mode

Hood design: The Opale Style’s hood has is made without folds to avoid the accumulation of dust.

High-quality finishes:

High-quality and robust finishes.
Brushed stainless steel front.
The design allow an easy cleaning in the angles.
Smooth surfaces with few asperities.

Oven’s table design:The table’s design allows for an easier maintenance of the oven.

Easy Touch control panel

A reliable and intuitive assistant:
A new modern and intuitive control panel for an easy management of the baking of your bread.
The visualisation is immediate and the navigation without complexity, with all the needed parameters at your fingertips to express your know-how at each batch.
The Recipe Book contains 50 programs that allow you to save your baking parameters and access your favorite recipe in a split second. They can be programmed with 5 different temperature stages.
The Eco Mode allows you to lighten your electricity bills without penalizing the baking temperature or the quality of your bread. This energy management method allows you to make savings and prevents you from exceeding the consumption threshold.
In just one tap, you can increase the baking time and adapt to any conditions.
The Expert Mode gives you access to advanced visualisation programs in order to follow your energy consumption, the internal temperatures or the oven technical data.


Important baking surface for a little surface on the ground flour.
Independent regulation of the Bottom and the top of the deck.
Steam generator with independent operation and an important steam production.
Security thermostat on each floor and on the steam generator.
Optimal electric productivity for Energy savings.
Very good insulation of the oven, outside as well as between the decks : limited heat losses = energy savings.
Front entirely made of brushed Stainless steel.
Halfway unlocked door opening thanks to the exclusive Pavailler “F system”.
Control panel and glass handling on the left.
High output hood extractor (around 1000m3/h).
Resistors integrated into a sheet metal that ensures a protection against all kinds of impacts and an optimal distribution of heat.
BRITA filtration cartridge included.

Technical data

Useful width : 870 mm for the Y14 large version, and 720 mm for the Y14, Y23 and Y24.
Slot-in on 3 sides (the maintenance is done on the front side).
Deck’s width of 20 mm.
Double lighting per deck.
Exhaust hood with grids that can be easily dismantled for cleaning.